Typhoon-spawned mudslide buries 100s in Taiwan village China Communist, you need to tell U.K.Queen and Japan King that they need to isolate themself inside their own place to dry out. Because only real King can have real bravest mankind to die for them, fake King can only become the evilest liars tool, not mention fake Queen. However, you need to learn from the best remaining that Japan King showed in Taiwan, that was they only allow the farmer to live in the seo flooding area inside the simplest house made of totally real wood, so that when flooding they can have their simplest clothing packed inside a small wood boat floating on the water, then after the flood fade out, they can burn the wood house to ground zero to get more soil to build another new wood house the same time got more thick soil to farm. Why China Communist must to 酒店兼職 be the one to have that say? Because fake U.K.Queen and fake Japan King (There's no way you can recover your Kingdom once you lost your ownership of that entire land, because King is the absolute right, must not be allowed to have any failure sign. That may explain how come any China Dynasty lost the Palace "Bay.Jean" side must be taken over by another Dynasty to get a life. You can only k 室內設計ill a Dynasty to take over another Dynasty to high, you have no way to kill all your people to build another Kingdom, because King must have to see People's life above his King lot. Therefore, after King ownership gone, that place can only replaced with Communist or Democratic, Democratic is a lie cannot pass the time line, you are Democratic formed nation, you have to die young[Then, why the wisest +++Because they a 婚禮顧問lready seen King and Communist must have to be Racist &&&Because it is absolute peaceful life absolute needed for King to guard his lambs interests or Communist to guard their shared farmers interests, that may explain how come China Communist used to ban people from travelling out of their first place of Province&&&, that they were not Chinese, they must have no right to form Kingdom or Communist for Majority of White in this late China Kin seog's lot, and they must have no way to kill that late China King who's the absolute owner of the entire Continent of America, then to take over whatever left behind by him+++ USA founding team chosen Democratic form for that nation? Like Chinese said "Yo.Duh.B.Yo.10. Yo.10.B.Yo.Duh", Democratic can get long life only they can have the best mankind <Only the best mankind can have the best will and strength to hide his imperfect lie deeply inside his h 燒烤eart to do the duty to service those no way to get his love the same way like he does to those indeed loved ##That how King ***The difference between King and Communist is King must love God more than anything, therefore, King kills the one loved by him dearly also, that how that King ordered to kill all baby under 2years old along with baby Jesus, because that King already could see the miserable life of Jesus even himself must run out of dare to guess to live with that miserable, the seorefore, he did his best trying to release Jesus agers out of that miserable hell. Communist does not rely on God, therefore, they don't kill the one loved by them, that may explain how come they did not kill MouJerDong's woman "John.Chin" but showed best will to provide her a quiet place for her to live by herself after MouJerDong gone.*** or Communist must have all the right to kill whoever that no way loved by him. That how that King in the story "One Thousand One Night" must have all his 東森房屋right to kill those women showing in front of him with no way loved by him## by him.>to work for the welfare of the public, when you cannot have the best will to service the public less evil coward needs, you rather have no national form in any way. That how the wisest USA founding team chosen the Democratic form to let the people to deserve the life time of the nation better deserved by themself.].) were evilest US Politicians evilest plot to finish the good honest mankind out of the Best English and Best Chinese land. 花蓮民宿 Typhoon-spawned mudslide buries 100s in Taiwan village http://www.yahoo.com/ As of 7:06 a.m. CDT Aug 10, 2009 That may explain how come you used to see many "Fun.Cone.Dong" on the street side in Taiwan, so that you can have soil caught inside during flooding to dig out when you need to soil pile up your base or for potted plant inside your room, and shield your life when you encounter fierce natural disaster strong wind.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 租房子  .

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